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Render image of the N06 East Village development

N06 and N08, East Village

N08 East Village

This development is situated in the vibrant London’s East Village, comprised of 480 homes for private rental, built within two tower (30 and 26 storeys) and podium buildings. DGP Logistics helped plan and deliver the logistics strategy for N08 East Village. The project was developed using innovative jump factories. DGP provided consolidation centre services for the project to alleviate congestion and maximise site space which was required to effectively manage factory jumps. Materials were unloaded by DGP in Purfleet and loaded and delivered back to site when requested. The unloading was carried out using overhead cranes. Containers and reverse logistics was applied by sending back waste and unwanted materials in the empty containers.

DGP supported the main contractor via local employment development scheme and training apprentices. DGP local community engagement activities included donating a bespoke bench made from recycled materials from the project to Bonny Downs Community association and helping to refurbish Newham Park facilities to support the local community and leave a positive legacy.

N06 East Village

This development includes two residential towers, 26 & 31 storeys high and incorporating two,10 storey pavilions connecting with a sky bridge. N06 was built using the same method as N08.

Logistics Planning

Construction Logistics

  • Construction site logistics
  • Delivery management and material handling
  • Hoist and lifting management, including positioning of PODs
  • Fire management
  • Welfare management

Security Management

  • Construction site security
  • Access control and CCTV system
  • Key control for finished apartments
  • Night patrols and dog patrols

Storage, Consolidation and Distribution

  • Material consolidation
  • Material deliveries

Builders Work

  • Construction of site hording and site set-up
  • Welfare fit out, including dry lining and modular solutions
  • Diamond drilling
  • Soft strip
  • Temporary waterproofing
  • Fire doors, ramps and steps