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Strategic Goals

Strategic Goals

To excel in the delivery of our Purpose and realise our Vision, 4 Strategic Goals have been set.

Each represents a critical area of development. They are what DGP as an organisation are committed to achieve. They are what we measure, what guides our strategic decisions, investments, and actions. Ultimately, they will collectively become what differentiate us.

Operational Excellence

Our drive to deliver profitable growth and optimise our methods of working, by ensuring that each activity is completed safely, efficiently, consistently to the highest quality standards and delivered to the satisfaction of our clients.

Focus areas:

  • Accident Frequency Rate
  • Margin Improvement
  • DGP Way Compliance

Outstanding Employer

Our aspiration to become the employer of choice within our industry, by championing equality, diversity and inclusion, excelling in the way we develop our people and support them to achieve their full potential.

Focus areas:

  • Employee Development
  • Champion Equality, Diversity and Inclusion
  • Employee Engagement Score

Sustainability Leader

Our commitment to accelerate the implementation of initiatives that will achieve net zero, reduce our use of valuable resources, eradicate our dependance on fossil fuels, single use plastics and deliver increasing social value to the communities we work in.

Focus areas:

  • Carbon Emissions
  • Resource Efficiency
  • Social Impact

Build Partnerships

Our determination to build high levels of trust and long-term, mutually beneficial Partnerships with clients and supply chain partners who share our values and drive to deliver outstanding outcomes.

Focus areas:

  • Targeted Growth with Partners
  • Client Satisfaction Score
  • Supply Chain Satisfaction Score
  • Tender Win Rate