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Environmental, Social & Governance

We take our ESG responsibilities extremely serious and are focused on ensuring our impact makes a difference and our footprint is light.

Environment Strategy

We are taking action today, to tackle the environmental challenges facing our planet, ensuring we play our part as a Sustainability Leader, to safeguard it for generations to come.

We are focused on accelerating the steps required to reduce our Green House Gas (GHG) emissions, identify opportunities to eliminate waste from our operations by adopting circular economy principles and are committed to helping nature to flourish.


Green House Gas (GHG) Emission Reduction

Annual stepped approach to reduce GHG emission through efficiencies in our day to operations and aligning our carbon reduction ambitions to science-based emission targets

Net Zero

GHG Emmissions - 2026

Resource Reduction

Reducing the use of non-recyclable materials, replacing disposable materials and products with reusable materials and take measures to eliminate waste before it is created.

Our intention is to go beyond mitigating and remedying the negative impacts of waste once generated, but instead manage waste as a resource and create opportunities for waste prevention by adopting circularity measures.


Diversion from Landfill - 2023


Recycling of all Waste - 2024


Low Carbon Options provided in All Orders - 2025


Removal of Fossil Fuel Reliance - 2026


Removal of Single Use Plastics - 2027

Social Strategy

Being a responsible business is not just about delivering a sustainable service, at DGP we are committed to making a positive impact on society and delivering outstanding outcomes for the communities we work amongst.

We are committed to always prioritising the safety of our colleagues, those we work alongside and the general public. Providing high standards of service to our clients is vitally important to us, as is respecting the neighbourhoods and communities we work amongst. Being a responsible business is not just about how we operate; it encompasses the legacy we leave. To better channel our social impact activities from 2024, we will be establishing the DGP Foundation.


Health, Safety & Wellbeing

The health, safety and wellbeing of all employees is our first priority, and our approach is supported by our risk management framework. This drives our no-harm culture and strong safety performance.

Employee Engagement

Our biannual employee survey and subsequent feedback sessions informs our decisions, polices and engagement activities.

Social Impact

A monetary value and measure of the positive impact DGP brings to the communities in which we operate.

Supply Chain Payment

Our supply chain partners are an extension of DPG and so it is imperative that we hold ourselves accountable for being a responsible client to them by paying all invoices on time.

Gender & Ethnicity Pay Gap

DGP is committed to championing EDI and rectifying the disparity in pay due to someone's gender or ethnicity.

Governance Strategy

We are committed to the highest levels of corporate governance, operating as a responsible, ethical business, and delivering operations the DGP Way.

We have clear and effective policies and procedures which address how we responsibly recruit, procure, engage, review, and deliver our responsibilities. We also set the expectation on our leaders and managers for how they must support their teams and suppliers to ensure they are at their best.


Responsible Recruitment

People are the heartbeat of DGP. Our transparent and unbiased recruitment processes have been developed to attract candidates who have the skills to deliver the role they are applying for and values which align with our own. We enforce a zero-tolerance stance on any form of modern slavery or human trafficking activities that seeks to exploit anyone.


Modern Slavery - Annual Compliance with Supply Chain Audits & Right to Work Checks

Responsible Material Procurement

We are committed to administering responsible procurement practices which are fully ethical and socially and environmental considerate. We also require our suppliers and sub-contractors operate similarly and mitigate negative environmental and / or social effects associated with the products and services they provide to us. We consider whole life costs when assessing product suitability and the award of contracts


FSC Timber Compliance - Annual


Material Origins Mapping, High Risk Materials Procured Local to Projects - Annual


Reduction in material that Contain Hazardous Substances - 2025


Supplier Selection. Carbon Footprint Primary consideration when selecting suppliers - 2026

Client Satisfaction

Clients are regularly consulted through dialogue and survey to seek feedback and benchmarking on our performance and the clients overall satisfaction with the service they are provided.


Client Satisfaction Leadership Score - 2027


Client Satisfaction Operational Score - 2027

Supply Chain Partner Satisfaction

The success of DGP is dependence on mutually beneficial, effective relationships with our Supply Chain. To evaluate our performance as our supply chain partner's clients, we propose to conduct annual satisfaction surveys.


Supply Chain Satisfaction Score - 2027

The DGP Way

The DGP Way is the way we as an organisation deliver every activity and is captured in a series of standards. To ensure our teams operate in accordance with the standards, our SHEQ team audit our teams and provide support to achieve 100% compliance.


DGP Way Audited Compliance - 2025