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Equality, Diversity & Inclusion

Our Journey

Since the inception of DGP, a singular core principle has consistently guided our path: a steadfast commitment to equality and fairness. Our company's very foundation was established on the principle of affording all individuals an equal chance to thrive, much like my family experienced when founding this enterprise. This principle has been a pivotal force shaping our journey, steering us towards clients who share our progressive mindset and open-minded values. We've also made it a priority to ensure our colleagues consistently exhibit the right attributes.

We take immense pride in representing a company that has earned recognition for its contributions in this field, and our dedication to Equality, Diversity, and Inclusion remains unwavering. Our commitment to cultivating a fair and inclusive environment will remain at the forefront of our endeavours as we continue to build upon our legacy.

Saheb Dhesi

Saheb Dhesi, CEO

Our purpose

Our ambition and drive at DGP, is to embed our One Family core value into our culture and establish a working environment that is fully inclusive, where every employee feels comfortable to bring their whole self to work, every day.

We are proud that DGP is already a diverse organisation that benefits from the contributions of people from 22 nations and 20 ethnicities, but we also know that there is so much more that can be done from an equality and inclusion perspective to fully achieve our EDI ambitions and realise our strategic goal of being a truly outstanding employer.
This EDI strategy outlines our plan to channel our efforts and focus over the next 3 years into the delivery of 3 key objectives, associated targets and the establishment of a Diversity and Inclusion Council and team of Equality Champions.

Key Objectives

  • Attract, develop and retain diversity across DGP
  • Promote and embed an inclusive culture
  • Champion equality, diversity and inclusion in the construction industry

Some excellent achievements have been realised over the past 2 years and we need the continued support and commitment from everyone at DGP to further champion our EDI strategy.

purpose diagram

Attract, develop and retain diversity across DGP

In support of DGP’s ambitions and strategic goal to become an Outstanding Employer and build on our already diverse employee base, a significant focus over the next 3 years and beyond is be placed on upskilling employees and guiding careers through the ranks, from being a skilled operative, to supervisor, manager and ultimately to a senior management position.


The results from our Viewpoint Staff Survey have been used to further shape the benefits and employment terms offered by DGP to our staff and future employees. This has resulted in the provision of greater levels of support to employees including Private Health Care, increased holiday entitlement, a colleague recognition programme, an employee assistance program (providing access to Face-to-Face counselling), plus more extensive health and well-being support and lifestyle benefits.

Promote and embed an inclusive culture

DGP’s core value of being One Family was chosen by the 60+ employees who were involved in the process of defining our values. To ensure this value is lived and comes a valued part of DGP’s culture, an EDI Council and series of champions have been elected to promote and celebrate the initiatives planned as part of this objective.  


The role of HR & Wellbeing Advisor was created to bring focus and energy to the delivery of wellbeing and inclusion initiatives to enrich DGPs culture and make it fully representative of the company’s values.

Champion Equality, Diversity, and Inclusion in the construction industry

Equality, Diversity and Inclusion is at the heart of DGP values and championing them within the construction industry, particularly to the next generation, is something that DGPs CEO is extremely passionate about and committed to add his voice and DGPs to the cause. 


Over the past three years Saheb has authored 2 books as part of series of children’s books called Ty D Sites. The aim of the books to raise awareness of cultural diversity and celebrates how a diverse workforce of people from a wide range of backgrounds and origins can be a winning team. Saheb and DGP are committed to showing the next generation that there is a role in construction for everyone, irrespective of race, religion, ethnicity, sex, sexual orientation and wants to alter mindsets and stereotyping through the promotion of the books and hosting fun workshops in schools, based in the character and content in the books.

Diversity and Inclusion Champions

Dana Calitaridis

Security Supervisor

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Lucky Enatama

Traffic Marshal Supervisor

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Eti Barrueco

Traffic Marshal Supervisor

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