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Purpose, Vision and Values

To build on the legacy that has been developed over the past 35 years, in 2023, DGP’s 5-Year Strategy was launched and defined our purpose and vision, the values and behaviours that represent our culture, and the 4 strategic goals which set our mission.

Our Purpose

The reason DGP exists.
Our Why.

To transform the way projects are delivered, to drive outstanding outcomes for our clients, colleagues and communities

Our Vision

What we aspire to achieve.
Our North Star.

To be recognised as the leading logistics and support services provider, where our talent shines bright, our impact makes a difference and our footprint is light


Our values are what we stand for, individually and as a team, and they act as a guide to our behaviours.

We have developed them together, with help from a significant proportion of our people from across DGP, and will live them together.

Do the right thing

Be respectful

Aim high

Work better together

Be dependable

One family