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Lucky Nagra

Logistics Supervisor

“Working with DGP across two generations makes me feel as if I am part of the family. I say this from my heart, the Dhesi family are good people and without even personally knowing me they have helped me tremendously to establish my life in the UK and have supported the progression of my career and that cannot be forgotten”

I moved from India to the UK in 1996 and I started my career journey with DGP in 1998. Before joining DGP, I worked alongside my father in the farming industry in India. When I moved here in 1996, my English vocabulary was very limited, but DGP team members encourage and helped me to learn and become fluent in English.

What does equality and diversity mean to you?

To me it means that we treat everyone equal on site with the same respect and we never judge on colour, sex, religion etc. DGP spotlight Equality, Diversity and Inclusion (EDI) through our site induction process, including an overview alongside our expectations around EDI. We also carry out Toolbox talks throughout the year, engaging our team members, always following, and encouraging an inclusive environment.

How long have you been working for DGP and how did you come to join us?

I was introduced to DGP by my uncle nearly 20 years ago. I started off as a General Labourer, and then studied towards my NVQ level 2 where I progressed through the roles of a Skilled Operative, Handyman, and was later promoted to a Logistics Supervisor.

Do you feel supported and what is the atmosphere like within the team? Do you feel part of the team?

Yes, I feel supported and part of the team, as there is a consistent level of communication and support from my manager. He attends the site weekly without fail, where we carry out regular one to one’s. He offers his expertise and guidance on areas I need support with. The team atmosphere is good, we have friendly relationships and not only speak about work but about our home lives too.

Do you feel there are opportunities to guide you on your career journey with DGP?

Yes, I feel I always have the opportunity to progress if I choose to, but I am happy within in my role at this time. For now, I appreciate the regular support my manager offers me, he is always asking if I am okay, not just around work but in my personal and home life too, it shows he cares. If there comes a time where I want to take on more or attend training, I am confident that my manager would support me with this.

What is the best site you have worked on and why?

Stratford. Mace was very supportive and helpful by always improving things and giving support and guidance when needed. I had great support when my Mum sadly passed away in India. The project Director immediately made contact and said, ‘Lucky, don’t think about work and just go home. Be with your family, it doesn’t matter how long, just do what you need to do to be there for your family”. t I will never forget that. It took a lot of stress and worry away from me, my family and helped build a strong relationship with the Project Director.