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Values, Behaviours and Culture

Our values are what we stand for, individually and as a team, and they act as a guide to our behaviours. 

We have developed them with help from our people and will live them together.

As a result, they are a true reflection of DGP, our founders and the family values which have always been at the heart of our culture. They guide our behaviours, the way we work and our drive to achieve our vision.

Our Values

Do the right thing

  • Acting with integrity
  • Being genuine, honest and transparent
  • Extend trust and work hard to gain others’ trust

Be respectful

  • Listen to understand other people’s views
  • Be polite, supportive and considerate of how our behaviours affect others
  • Treat everyone the way you want to be treated yourself
  • Be considerate of how our actions impact the environment and the people around us

Aim higher

  • Challenge the status quo and seek the best solution
  • Tackle every challenge with a positive attitude and a curious mind
  • Be willing to take risks, learn from mistakes and go again
  • Give everything your all, have fun and celebrate successes

Work better together

  • Be proactive, open-minded and strive to build deep levels of trust
  • Share ideas, invite challenge, seek feedback and be supportive
  • Value others’ expertise, share your knowledge and support the development of your teammates
  • Play your part in making your team a high-performing team

Be dependable

  • Show leadership, take responsibility and be accountable
  • Lean into a challenge, help to overcome barriers and seek the best solution
  • Respect deadlines other people’s time and deliver on your promises
  • Own your mistakes and don’t shy away from a difficult conversation

One family

  • Encourage individualism, celebrate each other’s differences and champion equality
  • Create environments where everyone feels valued, supported and comfortable being their authentic self
  • Support each other’s development, have their back and offer to help