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Uxbridge College

Published on 14 June 2023

Saheb Dhesi, CEO, recently attended an event hosted at Uxbridge College, where he engaged with an audience of 100 students. During this occasion, Saheb distributed copies of Ty D Sites' books and shared his insights on the inspiration behind his passion for reading and writing.

Furthermore, he had the honor of presenting awards, complete with certificates and prizes, to commendable students who had demonstrated outstanding achievements. Prior to his visit, these students, currently pursuing ESOL (English as a Second Language) and Foundation Studies, were tasked with the engaging challenge of reading a book or article and subsequently providing thoughtful reviews reflecting their experiences and enjoyment.

This event was designed with the objective of igniting the flames of enthusiasm for reading within these students, while also nurturing their English language skills and knowledge.

We extend our gratitude to Uxbridge College for their kind invitation, which allowed DGP to partake in this remarkable endeavor.

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