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Earth Day

Published on 20 April 2023

arth Day, celebrated on Saturday, April 22nd, embraced the empowering theme of "Invest in Our Planet." In alignment with the spirit of this important day, DGP took a proactive step to contribute to environmental preservation and biodiversity enhancement.

To assist in the crucial effort to support dwindling populations of native pollinators, DGP have provided wildflower seeds with the intention of bolstering these vital ecosystems. These seeds are not only symbolic of our commitment to the environment but also a tangible contribution to the restoration of our natural world.

In order to make this initiative accessible and encourage participation, we have made these seed packets available at our Head Office, and distributed packets to various sites within our organisation.

This simple yet impactful gesture underscores our dedication to fostering a sustainable future and underscores our belief that small actions can lead to significant positive changes in our environment.

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