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Published on 16 October 2023

DGP PLC is pleased to announce a significant milestone in our 35-year history of delivering exceptional Logistics and Support Services to the construction industry and beyond. We are excited to unveil a comprehensive rebranding initiative that represents a strategic evolution for our organisation.

This transformational effort aims to streamline and consolidate our diverse range of services under a unified corporate umbrella. While our legacy has been firmly rooted in providing outstanding logistics solutions, we have taken this opportunity to introduce clearly defined divisions within our business structure, each showcasing a distinct set of services. The following are the prominently featured business segments within our restructured framework:

1. Logistics: Continuing to be our flagship offering, delivering unparalleled efficiency and reliability.

2. Security: Enhancing safety and protection for our clients' valuable assets.

3. Construction Logistics Planning: Providing strategic planning and coordination to optimise construction project workflows.

4. Labour Resourcing: Offering skilled labour solutions to meet the diverse demands of our clientele.

5. Storage & Consolidation: Efficient storage and consolidation services for streamlined operations.

6. Builderswork: Specialised solutions tailored to the unique requirements of construction projects.

Furthermore, as part of our commitment to aligning our core values and vision with our evolving business objectives, we have embarked on a comprehensive review and update of our corporate mission and principles. This process was marked by extensive collaboration across our organisation to ensure that our guiding principles accurately reflect the essence of working with DGP PLC, both for our employees and our valued partners.

"As we embark on this transformative rebrand, we celebrate our steadfast commitment to equality, diversity, and inclusion. At DGP PLC, we were built on diversity and value inclusion to drive success. Our new brand reflects our dedication to a more inclusive world where every voice matters, every perspective is valued, and every individual reaches their full potential. We continue to embrace diversity as our strength and look forward to working further with our key clients in delivering our range of services." – Saheb Dhesi, CEO

We are excited about the opportunities that lie ahead and look forward to embarking on this journey of growth and innovation with our stakeholders. Stay tuned for further developments as we embrace this exciting chapter in the DGP PLC story.

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